Setting up Google CalDAV Resource at Akonadi-based KOrganizer

This blog post is mainly a part of my external memory and answers the question: How did I manage to set up the Akonadi CalDAV resource with Google calender?! I tested this both with the current KDEPIM beta release, as well as with KDEPIM 4.4.10 but using the KDEPIM-libs from 4.6. This also requires the Akonadi server to be at least at version 1.5.

When I set up the resource I used the information from Google’s support pages (those were actually not easy to find even with google…). You need to proceed the following steps at Akonadi Configuration (or any other place where you can add resources):

  1. Add new “DAV groupware resource” and select “DAVical”.
  2. Add “ your Google Calendar ID ]/events”, where [ your Google Calendar ID ] is your primary mail address (in case you want to use your primary calendar) or the ID of a secondary calendar. The ID of a secondary calendar you can extract from the ICAL-Links at Google’s config calendar pages (edit calender, find a links to the ICAL resource, copy ID from the ICAL button’s link-target).
  3. You should toggle “Use secure Connection”, click “Next”.
  4. Add your Google username. (Note that this is your mailing-address, including the @-sign!)
  5. The “Test Connection” button probably will not work and the stated path is not the one you just inserted (see But you can click at “Finish” and edit the remainings by hand: After “Finish” you can “Edit” the given protocol entry and correct the “Remote URL” field to the entry as explained at (2). Then click “Fetch” and afterwards you can toggle “OK” to finish configuration. During this step you should be asked for your Google password.

At the end, click at “OK” and enjoy Google calendar at your Akonadi resource.