Some Rocs Features

Hello Planet! After Tomaz mentioned my name again in his last Rocs post, I feel somehow compelled to introduce myself 🙂 So, who I am and what do I do? Very short to me: I am a PhD Student at the University of Paderborn and do research in the field of local strategies on dynamic networks. And at the beginning of this year I joined the Rocs developers. Well, I think it was a quit common join: Here at I read about the Rocs project, got fascinated, wrote a wish list to Tomaz, started with implementing some of my wishes, wrote some bug fixes… and somehow got caught by this project 😉

What new features were shipped with the last release?

1. A new Plugin to Generate Graphs

Generation of graphs can now be done by simple patterns. Instead of adding a big number of nodes by countless mouse clicks it is now possible to select a graph pattern (circle, mesh, star, random graph), specify the number of nodes and let Rocs generate the graph for you.

2. A new Plugin to Assign Values to Nodes and Edges by Different Patterns

Usually it is quite inpleasend work to add values to all nodes of a graph . Hence, we now have a plugin to add values to the nodes and/or edges. Those values can be random, but also you could assign unique identifiers if you want.

3. A new Plugin to Modify the Edge Set of a Graph

Some helpful functions for working at the graph’s edges are included in the “tranform edges” plugin. You can make the graph complete, delete all edges, reverse them, or simply create a spanner out of your graph.

What is the plan for the next major release?

My current plan is to focus at the following features:
  1. Projects: allow users to create projects consisting of a graph/set of graphs and a set of algorithms.
  2. Minimize Cutting edges: A new plugin to transform the node positions to minimize the number of cutting edges
  3. Stepped Execution: This would allow to execute the algorithms step by step to better see how the algorithms behave at the given graph
  4. User Interface improvements