A Polished Rocs is Coming

Did you recognize? Only four weeks are left until we can unwrap Christmas presents! Today I already distributed a set of Santas quite uniformly over my apartment 🙂 But well, still we have to wait four more weeks. And even worse, we have to wait twice this time until we get our next KDE SC release… But luckily, contrary to Christmas presents, there is a way get an early impression on what will come in the “KDE SC 4.8 present”! And so, here I want to talk a little bit about what the next version of Rocs will bring. And maybe, by this I could also persuade the one or the other to take a personal first look at Rocs and help us in finding all the remaining bugs 😉
Even if a huge amount of work was done under the hood, Krazy yells 150 times less than half a year ago, and I am unable to get Rocs crashing, let’s talk about the more visible changes. The easiest way to see what was done is surely comparing the two screenshots below:
Rocs User Interface in KDE SC 4.8
Rocs User Interface in KDE 
So, what can you see above?
  • the code editor got much more space by using previously wasted free room
  • the graphical graph editor got a context menu where you now can directly apply transformations to nodes and edges (reposition nodes to minimize crossing edges, enumerate elements, name elements, or simply delete them)
  • control of algorithm executions got its own bar
  • the algorithm’s debug output and the algorithm output are now gathered next to the code editor such that you can debug while looking at the code
  • the main menu bar was regrouped and should be more intuitive to first time users
  • the “Select” and “Move” buttons were merged into one “Select+Move” butten like you eventually know from graphic programs
  • there are now reposition algorithm that can reposition graph nodes to minimize crossing edges or align them on a circle
  • most of the import and export features (like e.g. for DOT graph files) were resurrected
And as said before, enormous progress in stability was made. Previously, I was quite good in crashing Rocs during my daily work, but since weeks I could not get it crashing (well, you may take this as a challenge).