Internship Opportunity in Research of Dynamic Networks

If you are an undergraduate student in the United States, Canada or the UK and if you want to participate in current research as well as working on open source technology, maybe, this post has an interesting offer for you: The current application period for RISE (Research Internships in Science and Engineering) internships for summer 2013 has started. Within the offers, you can also find an internship that will be mentored by me, with a focus on experiments for the behavior of dynamic networks of autonomous peers. The central task in that internship will be working with Rocs: creating and evaluating experiments, extending Rocs’ logging and statistics features, and improving the simulation engine where needed. Using the experimental results that shall give us insights in how networks are formed by selfishly acting peers, we want to formulate new conjectures and approach them with a theoretical analysis, where applicable. The goal is to gain a better understanding on how networks of autonomous peers act. More details about the research questions we want to ask (and answer), you can find in the official internship offer (for this, you need to register first at the RISE website).

The internship will take place at the University of Paderborn and lasts 12 weeks (starting middle/end of May 2013). The internship includes a scholarship, funded by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. Information on how to apply for this program and about the application requirements can be found at the official RISE program website. If you are interested in the internship and have any questions, please ask me by mail or find me on IRC (nick CoLa at

(Sorry for everyone who is interested but not enrolled in one of the stated countries: the funding organization has restricted the program to those.)

One Response to Internship Opportunity in Research of Dynamic Networks

  1. Tomaz Canabrava says:

    Damn, it. I was really interested.:)
    CoLa, if you find anything like that for me, I will go in a snap.šŸ˜€šŸ˜€

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