Artikulate 0.1.0 Contributor Release

Today, on behalf of the Artikulate team, I proudly announce the first release of Artikulate 0.1.0 (*). This release is a contributor release and hence is not aimed to users/learners, yet. As a fact, this release do not have a training mode. Instead, with this release we focus on stabilizing our course editor to set up a common ground for contributing courses and native speaker recordings.


With this release we have the following goals:

  •     Create a common ground for contributors who provide native speaker recordings.
  •     Release a stable version of our specifications for course and phonology files.
  •     Make it easier for new contributors to join (you do not have to follow the master branch anymore)

The next release is planned in about 1-2 months and then will contain the training mode.
Further information about the work on Artikulate can be found at

And if you are currently at Akademy in Bilbao, you are very welcome to visit the Artikulate Contributor BoF at Wednesday morning where I will explain how Artikulate works, what is planned and especially how you can make Artikulate awesome by providing recordings of your voice.

(*) Artikulate is a pronunciation trainer currently living in the KDE Edu playground. Our goal with Artikulate is to provide an application that helps language learners by improving their pronunciation skills. The way Artikulate works is to allow learners to record their own voice when pronouncing a phrase and compare this with recordings of a native speaker.

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