Akademy Impressions

What a cool time! I am still thrilled, now two days home after Akademy and QtCS, which took place the last week in Bilbao. Several great reports about what happened there and what was discussed can already be found in the net:

To avoid repeating everything, I just want to point out my personal highlights:

  • Björn and Thomas proposed in their talk a new UI concept: the “Flow”. Even if it is still a conceptual draft and it is unclear how we can implement it, I am really fascinated by this idea! Already on the way towards implementing this concept, we must rethink what our application boundaries are, where and how applications can interact and how can we create a user experience without distracting the user from what she/he wants to do.
  • Kevin announced Declarative Widgets that will significantly simplify transitions to QML2 based interfaces for applications that want to use QML but are currently still tight to Qt 4.8.
  • Peter had a great talk about Simon Speech Recognition: It is awesome what Peter is doing with his speech recognition system and what Simon offers. After several discussions, now I am also planning to utilize the Simon-library for recordings inside Artikulate (by this we directly solve our build problems on several platforms:)
  • It was awesome to meet so many faces and talking to so many people that I previously only knew from mail/IRC. Given that you even had even only a short chat with someone, in my opinion it makes talking at IRC so much more personal, since you really know who is sitting at the other end of the wire.
  • Thanks to all the people who gave so much positive feedback about our “Artikulate Project” and especially to those who offered to contribute recordings! I also had a lot of discussions about the process of language learning and the interactions of our existing applications (several blog posts about this topic will follow). Special thanks go to Dimitris, who recently started to create a Greek language course!

And last but not least: Thanks to the local organizer team, you really made this Akademy rock!

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