Contributing to Artikulate is Getting Easier

It seems that we are approaching the next very important milestone of the Artikulate project: a first usable version with a learning mode! If you missed my last blog posts about Artikulate and the blog posts of our GSoC/OPW students Magda and Oindrila, you might want to read about what the pronunciation trainer in the KDE Edu playground is

After our call for contributors for US English voice recordings we got a lot of feedback. Some of it sadly was about how hard it was to get Artikulate building on certain distributions. — But this changed now! Since yesterday, we provide QtGStreamer as an alternative multimedia backend for those who do not have QtMultimedia in their distributions. (e.g. OpenSuse, ArchLinux). You only must set the NO_QTMULTIMEDIA cmake variable to true, install the QtGStreamer development packages and do nothing more than let Artikulate compile. Another important information for Kubuntu users is that the awesome Kubuntu developers included Artikulate into the Project Neon nightly builds. You can now simply install the last night’s master version even without building it by yourself.

As it gets easier to contribute to Artikulate we are hoping to increase the number of people helping Artikulate with getting recordings: Yes, now it is your chance to get more in touch with us and contribute your voice to this project. (Or maybe encourage others to do so?) We already have people working at Polish, Bengali, Greek and work is getting started at US English and French. But much more language exist and we would love to have recordings for them. How to get started with contribution is explained in our technical documentation.

If you want to help us, just join the IRC channel #kde-artikulate at freenode or write to

Let me conclude my blog post with a short call for French native speakers: Tu parle francais ? Nous avons besoin de ta voix ! (please correct me if that is not correct 🙂