Second Artikulate Preview Release: 0.2.0

Today we announce the immediate availability of the next milestone in the Artikulate project (*): the new preview release Artikulate 0.2.0! This release contains all the goods done in the last months by our GSoC and OPW students and marks an important point on the road to a polished end-user software (though we are not there, yet😉

In a nutshell, the major improvements are:

  • The Training Mode is now available. Also some first (yet not completely finished) courses for Polish, Bengali, Greek and French exist. Courses can be downloaded on demand.
  • The Editor Mode received major refactorings and improvements and should be much more easier to use than three months ago.
  • After we learned our first lessons on creating courses, also our workflows and file formats were updated (changes are not downward-compatible!)

Please note that this release is still a preview release and we do not encourage distributions to ship it yet. Rather, this release is aimed to contributors (especially people who help us creating and recording the courses for all those different languages) and early testers. The first stable release that is targeted at end-users (hopefully) will happen around X-mas.

Compile Instructions:

Further information about the work on Artikulate can be found at

(*) Artikulate is a pronunciation trainer currently living in the KDE Edu playground. Our goal with Artikulate is to provide an application that helps language learners by improving their pronunciation skills. The way Artikulate works is to allow learners to record their own voice when pronouncing a phrase and compare this with recordings of a native speaker.

Training ModePS: And if you are interested in our small project and want to help, just write at the mailing list. (Available tasks range from creating an application icon, over coding tasks, writing documentation, to creating courses:)

3 Responses to Second Artikulate Preview Release: 0.2.0

  1. Marco Belli says:

    I didn’t know of this program and course up to now, it looks like very interesting.
    I think it could be very interesting to add an english course too, I think it would be needed by lot of non english people:)

    thank you for your beautiful work

  2. Yes, a english course would be amazing!
    Thanks for this work, very nice!

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