Artikulate port to GStreamer-1.x is ready to merge

As an pronunciation trainer, Artikulate does not only need sound output, but also sound input. For sound output the (Linux) world is kind of simple and it only costs some lines of code to integrate Phonon or a similar framework into your application. For sound input it is trickier, especially if you do not want to work with a C-style API (when coding a C++/Qt application, C-style API feels very strange). The solution to this problem is QtGStreamer, which provides Qt-style C++ bindings for GStreamer, and hence access to the currently best multimedia framework.

Until recently, the downside in using QtGStreamer was that one was stick with GStreamer-0.10. That is especially problematic as GStreamer-0.10 is unmaintained, and in one are another way, every reported sound bug in Artikulate could be tracked down to having its root in that old GStreamer version.

But people did some awesome work, and the qtgstreamer/master branch finally supports GStreamer-1.x. And since today, also Artikulate is ready and in the artikulate/gstreamer-1.0-port branch, you can find a fully working port of Artikulate, which uses current qtgstreamer/master. It is well tested and will directly be merged into master, once a new QtGStreamer version is published.

Now, that it is only a matter of time that all our sound issues are fixed, the next step is to look forward for porting to Qt5. For Artikulate and any other KDE Edu application it will be also a major step in being able to reach a wider audience by our applications, by being able to support many more platforms.

If you want to support this and many other efforts, here is your chance:

The Randa sprint is looking for sponsors!

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