Randa report: Artikulate KF5 port (almost) done

It is the Randa-Sprint week again. If you never heard about this, then imagine a lot of KDE developers, meeting somewhere in the mid of the Swiss Alps, in a deep valley with a rather slow internet connection. These people are coming from all over the world and are here for exactly one week, to work, to discuss, and to create the future of KDE. To name only a few of the current meeting’s topics, there are people working on a KDE SDK, porting to KF5, writing the KF5 book (aka putting documentation to the KF5), reaching out for new platforms, and many more exciting things are happening here. If you want to know more about all the goods that the Randa meeting brings, you should probably have an eye on the planetkde.org posts for the next days.

My own small contribution during the last few days was working on the KF5 porting efforts in KDE Edu. And finally, the Artikulate port is mainly done: It compiles. It runs. And the core functionality is working. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of glitches, which have to be ironed out. (Especially, since I did a very bumpy porting from QtQuick1/PlasmaComponents to QtQuick2/QtQuick.Controls…) Yet, they still have to wait a little bit, since currently there is work ongoing on getting a new freshed-up layout… Interested? Then, have a look at the Forum.

Artikulate on KF5