Artikulate Plans for Randa

Language learning is often considered as the task of memorizing new vocabulary and understanding the new grammar rules. Yet for most, the most challenging part is to actually get used to speak the new language. This is a problem that Artikulate approaches with a simple idea: to learn the correct pronunciation of a word or even a longer phrase, the learner listens to a native speaker recording, repeats and recordings it, and finally compares both recordings to improve herself/himself with the next try.

Since a while, Artikulate is shipped in the KDE Education module. Yet it is one of the few still Qt4-based applications. Actually, this is something that should change 🙂 Most parts of the application is already ported to Qt5/KF5, yet the whole UI is still in an experimental porting stage, due to the invasive porting changes to QtQuick2. The next step is to finally complete this porting and even to go a step further. Since some time there are already quite promising mockups for a new UI around that were discussed here.

An excellent opportunity to work in this is the upcoming sprint in Randa. But since mere coding is maybe not enough to justify, why one should travel in the middle of the alps, the plans for that week are more ambitious:

  • finish the UI port and apply the new UI layout: see above
  • prepare a first touch prototype: this is an excellent opportunity, since all the mobile experts are there
  • record some very basic course sets: currently we only have many recordings for Bengali and Polish, but many contributors with different tongths around in Randa; my goal is to have some mini-courses for the languages I need most often when traveling through Europe, and particularly tailored to the basic words needed on such trips.

Your help is Needed
Sprints like the upcoming sprint in Randa are essential to keep developers busy developing, to provide them with opportunities to discuss their projects’ next steps, and give them the chance to exchange wisdom/experience/ideas. And probably not less important, to keep the community feeling alife that KDE is all about. You can help with even a small donation. How exactly, is explained here:

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