FOSDEM 2017 & the QtWayland Compositor Framework

This will be a rather short blog post but since I completely missed to making it before this year’s FOSDEM, just let me give you a short hint to my current talk: This year, for the first time, I submitted a talk to the Embedded & Automotive DevRoom. If you think that this sounds crazy, actually, what we see on modern embedded devices, like in cars or in even bigger machines, this tends gain a similar complexity like the good old Linux desktop environments. In terms of multiple processes, window compositing and UI requirements, a lot of such demands are already on the table…

Recently, I looked into the QtWayland Compositor framework, which is an awesome new tool if you want to create a small but use case specific Wayland compositor, as it is often the case in the embedded world. The framework was just released as stable API with Qt 5.8. If you want to read more, I just gave a talk about it yesterday:

Have fun 🙂