Adding Android to the CI and Many Nit-Picks


Again, it’s the time of the year where about 40 KDE developers meet in the middle of the Alps to get a week of fresh air, away from their daily business, to work on improving KDE software. This year’s developer sprint is all about multi-platform distribution of KDE software. We are targeting Android, Windows, MacOSX, and of course all of our beloved Linux platforms.

The sprint is already running since Sunday afternoon and up to now really everybody is deep into his or her todo list. So, it’s a good time to talk about my very own humble plans. In a nutshell, I want to drive our KF5 on Android work a big step forward. This means, I want to will:

  • get continuous integration ready for all KF5 libraries that we can already build for Android (which means, I fulfill all of Scarlett’s wishes to adapt our Docker image)
  • get an infrastructure for KF5 unit tests into place (which means, automatic packaging of unit tests into APKs, installing and running them in the Android emulator and making it ready for CI integration)
  • get information about Android availability of frameworks visible at

The first steps are already done. Partially based on BogDans’s Android unit test script for the Qt Project, I have a first version ready that can successfully packages Attica’s unit test as APK, installs it at an emulator, running the test, and finally provides the unit test result. All in all, it was a surprising way, with many funny small difficulties lurking around 🙂 On this way, I extended our Android toolchain to be more careful about which libraries to actually put into an APK.

Before I take the stairs down to my bed, let me say that such a sprint is also a wonderful opportunity to finally tackle all the small issues you carry around for long time, but never have free time or the relevant developer next to you to look into it. In the course of the last two days Pinak fixed my Baloo indexer startup crash, I finished my patch for re-enabling QML-QtHelp integration in KDevelop, finally I finished a security critical bug fix for some library, and many more small things that improve the usability and stability of KDE application for all platforms.

All of that is only possible, since people support sprints like this event. To get more information or a link to support KDE sprints, just visit:

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